What tools are needed to install the racks?

Basic DIY tools needed are a rotary drill, spirit level and a 13mm socket. 

How easy are the racks to install?

All of our racks come with full installation instructions, masonry drill bit and fixing hardware. 

I have hired a drill, but do not have a socket set. What must I do?

You can purchase our optional custom installation tool on checkout. Click here for tool.

How do Rakit racks compare to wooden/aluminium racks?

Our racks exceed all other racks for load capacity and durability.

What is the load carry capacity of the Flatmate?

When installed correctly the load carry capacity of our racks far exceeds the design load. Our racks have industry leading carry capacity. 

Can I install the racks outside?

For external applications we recommend an outdoor model in galvanized or stainless steel. Contact us with your requirements.

Can I have my rack in a custom colour?

Custom colours can be done but are subject to a lead time and small surcharge.

Can I install the rack on a timber wall?

Our installation hardware is suitable for wood as long as there is sufficient holding in the substrate. A wood drill bit would needed.

I have a lot of sports equipment. What Rakit system do you recommend?

Every installation is different, but multiple smaller racks provide more options and maximize your unused garage space.

I wish to store my surfboards vertically.

There is no reason why one cannot install our system for vertical board storage. It is not our preference, but in this application a Charger would hold 10 boards.

Can I fit a SUP on a Flatmate?

Yes, but SUPs require the racks to be further apart than surfboards due to their length.

What is the lead time on my order?

If we have stock, normal two days from payment for standard items. Otherwise the lead time is approximately six working days from payment.

I am moving house can I take my Rakit system with me?

Yes. Rakit systems are easily removed and any replacement parts can be ordered to keep you racks looking fresh.

How far apart must I install my racks?

Systems with a Tie Bar or soft shelf are set. Other systems are dependent on smallest board or shortest paddle. Installation page

I have a 10’4” SUP and 5'0" potatoe chip. Can they both fit on the same rack?

For both boards to fit safely on a Flatmate the short board will have to double park on the longboard. Or get two racks for future quiver expansion?

I love your model names, but why call it a 7-10?

10 – 7 = 3 boards, and 7 divided by 10 is how much of the worlds surface is water. You gonna need at least three boards to enjoy it!

Can I leave the fins on my boards?

Yes you can with surfboards and most SUPs. Bigger finned boards like slalom windsurfers will require removal, something most people do for transit anyway. Taking fins off also allows easy ‘double parking’. Otherwise place big finned boards on lowest level.

Do you make racks for Yoga and Pilates?

We have some exciting models in development but would love to hear from you with your requirements.